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 Texas has always stood for hope, freedom, prosperity, and limited government. These values clearly work based on the size of the Texas economy, which would be the 9th largest in the world if we were our own country. Unfortunately, despite our success, Texas is under attack on all fronts. From the flood of illegal immigrants that have crossed our border to the folks in Washington D.C. who just don’t care about the border crisis or the constitutional rights of Texans. I am running because Texas must defend itself and we must continue to be the shining city on a hill for those who believe in our values.

Securing and Re-enforcing the Southern Border

The sovereignty of Texas and the United States as a whole depends on our ability to face the border crisis head-on. If the federal government won’t act, Texas must fund/provide the necessary resources to secure our border. This is priority number one because without sovereignty we as a state and country will not be able to live up to our potential. This will erode our standing on the world stage and empower the enemies of freedom. 

Empowering Parents

The 88th Texas Legislative Session was a disappointment to many families across District 44 and the state as it related to school choice. Parents should have the right to choose where/how their children are educated.

Term Limits

The privilege of serving in an elected office should never be a career, I would like to implement term limits for those elected to congress. Texas has millions of citizens and there are plenty of folks who can step into the office and be effective on Texas’s behalf in D.C. 

Protecting Our Civil Liberties

Texas needs to continue to pass and/or protect laws that ensure our civil liberties. Ideas floated by the left to skirt the U.S. constitution such as ESG scores must be squashed before implementation.

Prioritize Spending

Texas must continue to be proactive in managing our finances. We must be smart with taxpayer funds and prioritize spending. The safety of every Texan is of the upmost importance, but as the state continues to grow an even greater emphasis needs to be put on infrastructure. There are glaring examples of how poor state/local planning has lead to crippling infrastructure issues in District 44.

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