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David Freimarck is a native Texan, procurement professional, husband, and father who will stay true to the values of hope, freedom, prosperity, and limited government in Austin. He and his wife, Anastasia, just celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary and reside in Guadalupe County with their daughter, Annie, and their three dogs, Balto, Dallas and Liberty. 

David’s roots are tethered to the communities in Guadalupe and Gonzales counties and have been from his earliest years. One of his core convictions is that government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem. The difficult economic situation we currently face can almost entirely be attributed to government over-spending and over-regulation.

David currently works as a Senior Contracts and Pricing Specialist for an Alaskan Native Corporation; a small business providing information technology and communication services to government health agencies. He is the son of an Army veteran and a savvy businesswoman, both who doggedly instilled the values of hard work and right vs. wrong from a young age. If elected, David will apply these same values along with other important Conservative Principles while serving the amazing folks of Guadalupe and Gonzales counties. 

In 2018 David and Anastasia started a small dog grooming business in Cibolo, which has grown year over year. As a small business owner, he has first hand experience on how government regulation can negatively impact small businesses. At the helm of his business, David has developed many skills that would make him a successful State Representative including leadership, problem solving, strategic planning and financial management. In addition to ensuring the business runs smoothly, David and Anastasia have made concerted efforts to help local animal shelters by donating time and money to ensure as many shelter animals are taken care of as possible.

In 2011, David received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech University in the field of History with a minor in Communications. He was an active member of the Young Conservatives of Texas while attending Texas Tech.  

Our communities deserve to have a principled conservative representing them in Austin who will not be hesitant to stand up to the establishment on either side of the political aisle. David seeks to serve the wonderful communities of House District 44 because they have allowed him to prosper throughout his life.  He does not seek to make a career of politics and believes strongly in term limits at all levels.


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